CUHK Wi-Fi - Always connect one step ahead.

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Connecting to CU Wi-Fi Hotspots could not be easier with CUWave!

On a lite data plan? Almost reaching the monthly data limit? Why not use Wi-Fi?!

1 - One Click Connect

Tired of the loop of connect - browse a random non-HTTPS page - ignore the warning and login steps before using Wi-Fi in CUHK? By using this app, you will always be connected one step ahead your coursemates.

2 - Security

We cross-check the HTTPS certificates of login servers with known-good ones to authenticate official servers, to make sure your passwords will not be passed to forged hotspots. All your account information is passed directly to the CU Wi-Fi login servers. Your information is only sent to the official Wi-Fi login servers, and you can verify this!

3 - Open Source!

Source code of CUWave is free and open! You can modify it and audit the code as you want.

CUWave x ERG users

CUWave supports connection to ERGWAVE!

App Compatibility

CUWave currently supports Android 5.0+ devices. We are working hard to lower the requirements of CUWave. Stay tuned!


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